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VACANCY: Research associate in biochemistry and structural biology (MED02896)

Reference: MED02896 Date posted: 14 December 2021 Closing date: 23 January 2022 Applications are invited for a full-time research associate position in biochemistry and structural biology.  This post, funded by a highly competitive Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Discovery Programme Award, aims to uncover mechanisms that guarantee efficient human DNA replication employing biochemical OR structural approaches.  The project's primary objective is to discover how 1) DNA replication origins are specified through epigenetic mechanisms and specific recruitment factors and 2) DNA replication is regulated to allow faithful DNA replication.  The successful candidate will address how mutations in these processes contribute to genome instability and whether mutations that disrupt these mechanisms are enriched in cancer.  A recently established reconstituted system is available to address these questions for the first time. Job details | Apply