The Speck lab studies mechanisms in genome stability and epigenetics using biochemical, genomic, single-molecule, computational and structural approaches.  We are particularly interested in diseases associated with these processes and the development of specific inhibitors for therapeutic purposes.

The approach is unique as it combines diverse experimental methods to obtain a holistic understanding of a scientific problem, which generates significant conceptual advances. This working style offers excellent opportunities for group internal collaboration and generates rapid progress.

The current work of the group focusses on these projects:

  1. High-resolution genomic analysis of helicase loading to uncover how replication origins are recognised, regulated and function for genome stability
  2. Discovering the structural and mechanistic principles of human helicase-loading control and its misregulation in cancer
  3. The role of helicase loading factors in epigenetic memory
  4. Structural and functional analysis of helicase activation mechanisms in budding yeast
  5. Discovery of fundamental mechanisms in the loading of the replicative DNA helicase in budding yeast