Richard Henderson
Research Leader
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
United Kingdom

As part of Christian Speck’s Wellcome Trust Investigator Award, Richard Henderson advises the DNA Replication Group on cryo-electron microscopy.

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Huilin Li
Huilin Li Laboratory
Center for Epigenetics
Van Andel Research Institute
Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Group’s long-term collaboration with the laboratory of Huilin Li has focussed on electron microscopy (EM) of DNA replication complexes, development of a tool for identification of individual subunits in low resolution 3D structures and, more recently, on high resolution cryo-EM resulting in nine publications in journals such as Genes & Development, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology,  and PNAS.

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Thorsten Mielke
Head of the microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy service group
Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics

The Group’s collaboration with Thorsten Mielke was instrumental in performing the first electron-microscopy of negative stained samples and metal-shadowed protein-DNA complexes for the discovery of the MCM2-7 double-hexamer and the analysis of pre-RC formation resulting in three publications, in Molecular Cell, Nucleic Acids Research and PNAS.

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Juri Rappsilber
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology
University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom

The Group collaborates with Juri Rappsilber’s laboratory to use crosslinking mass-spectrometry to probe the structure of large protein assemblies.

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Bruce Stillman
CEO and President of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cold Spring Harbor, New York

The electron microscopy work with Huilin Li (above) started in 2003, while Christian Speck was working as a postdoc in the laboratory of Bruce Stillman. After Christian established the DNA Replication Group in 2006, the work continued as a three-way collaboration, resulting in seven publications.

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